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Tutoring vs. Therapy

What is a dyslexia therapist?

The difference between a dyslexia therapist and a reading tutor is that a dyslexia therapist develops a customized instructional plan to strengthen reading and writing skills.  A reading tutor typically takes cues from what the student is learning in school.

What can I expect?

At the first session, assessments will be administered to determine your child’s decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) skills, phonological awareness skills, written expression, reading comprehension, and fluency levels. All assessments will be used to guide instruction.  If your child is accepted as a private tutoring client, a report will be provided that lists assessment results and goals.  Reports will also be provided periodically to demonstrate and monitor your child’s progress.

Each session is approximately 45-60 minutes in length (30 minutes for kindergartners or first graders).  A minimum of 2 sessions per week is recommended in order to see signifcant progress. 

Is virtual instruction effective?

Kim is mostly doing virtual instruction (but sees some local students in-person). Virtual instruction can be very effective if it's done in an engaging and multisensory way.  Students will be required to use a touch screen device that is compatible with the Zoom application, so that the lesson can be as multisensory as possible.  See a sample lesson video below.

*For children with untreated attention issues, virtual instruction may not be ideal.

**Kim typically only accepts  a few private clients in addition to her full-time tutoring and training schedule.  If she cannot assist you, she can provide with you referrals.

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