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OGA Certification Levels Explained


Are you a classroom teacher?

You may just want to take the 30-hour Classroom Educator course.


Are you interested in 1:1 tutoring?

You may want to do the 30-hour Clasroom Educator course (part 1) and the 30-hour Associate Level course (part 2).

1. Classroom Educator Level: 30 hours of coursework + 50 practicum hours = Skilled to apply OG principles into a classroom setting

*My 30-hour Classroom Educator course is equivalent to part 1 of the 60-hour Associate Level coursework. If you plan on continuing to the Associate Level, you can skip the Classroom Educator practicum and just do the Associate practicum.

2. Associate Level: 60+ hours of coursework + 100 practicum hours = Skilled to work with beginner students in a 1:1 or small group setting while under the mentorship of an OG Fellow

Starting in 2025, the requirements for the Associate level coursework will change.

3. Certified Level: 160 hours of coursework + 200 practicum hours = Skilled to work independently with students who have more complex learning profiles

4. Fellow Level: minimum of 250 hours of coursework + 600 practicum hours over at least 6 years = Skilled to train and mentor teachers in the OG approach

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